jagger pepper spray

Accidental DIY pepper spray

My kids love cooking with me and most of the time I love it too.  Sometimes it takes 5 times longer than if I did it myself or 186 but if I am in no rush I love it.  Penny has always had an interest in helping me cook but with Jagger it’s pretty recent. […]


Bacon jam and catching bats

Have you ever tasted bacon jam??? It’s the greatest thing ever, really it is.  I tasted it for the first time at a restaurant a couple of years ago at a restaurant with some friends. We had a whole debate about it while reading the menu about whether or not it was in fact “jam” […]

bean salad

This bean salad is the reason I can tolerate rosemary

I normally cannot stand rosemary, cilantro or thyme. I have been attempting to make myself like cilantro, I am slowly getting used to it and it has only taken about 5 years.  My sister in law mixes Tostitos salsa (specifically the Costco brand, she and my brother in law are convinced it is superior to […]


What to give kids with coughs ? honey lollipops!

I don’t know what your house is like at the moment but for the past few weeks my children and I have been sick.  Coughing, germs, boogers and used tissue paper is what our house is all about.  Since there are no options other than honey for toddlers with coughs, we made honey lollipops.  And […]


Fullproof pie crust

Once upon a time I was the worst pie crust maker in the world I’m pretty sure. Ok maybe not the world but pretty close to it which made me realize that the expression easy as pie is complete bs until I found this magical Ricardo pie crust recipe.  The title of this post is […]


New house update 2

Since the last update we started framing and within a week was pretty much done. Once the house was up, insulation went in and the roof was done.  Rocks were scattered in the garage and basement before the concrete was poured . The kids and I went to visit most evenings to go see the […]