Fullproof pie crust

Once upon a time I was the worst pie crust maker in the world I’m pretty sure. Ok maybe not the world but pretty close to it which made me realize that the expression easy as pie is complete bs until I found this magical Ricardo pie crust recipe.  The title of this post is […]


New house update 2

Since the last update we started framing and within a week was pretty much done. Once the house was up, insulation went in and the roof was done.  Rocks were scattered in the garage and basement before the concrete was poured . The kids and I went to visit most evenings to go see the […]


New house update 1

We moved out of our house Easter Sunday and into a 2 bedroom apartment while we build our new home. The kids are sharing a room and I’m not a fan. They are singing and jumping from one bed to another sometimes until 10 and I hear “mom Jagger …” Or “Penny did …” Approximately […]


New house

We moved into the house we are living in now about 2 years ago.  We have recently sold it.  We put it up for sale because it’s far!!! Also the corner we live on is busy and that’s not ideal when you have children.  We want to be able to play and bike in the […]