jagger pepper spray

Accidental DIY pepper spray

My kids love cooking with me and most of the time I love it too.  Sometimes it takes 5 times longer than if I did it myself or 186 but if I am in no rush I love it.  Penny has always had an interest in helping me cook but with Jagger it’s pretty recent. […]


What to give kids with coughs ? honey lollipops!

I don’t know what your house is like at the moment but for the past few weeks my children and I have been sick.  Coughing, germs, boogers and used tissue paper is what our house is all about.  Since there are no options other than honey for toddlers with coughs, we made honey lollipops.  And […]

Potty training continued

So there are things that I would have never ever thought would happen to me. This story is one of them. My son Jagger is pretty much potty trained except for those 2 days every couple of weeks when he doesn’t feel like it and takes a short vacation from the potty. This is his […]

My potty training journey so far

I googled and read everything about potty training like any first time mom before starting to potty train Penny.  They say to wait until your child shows interest, maybe get them to sit on the potty fully clothed when you go to the bathroom so that they start to understand.  Our pediatrician  told me that […]

Apparently grapes growl

Subscribe to Blog – Comfy Monkee by Email Everyone agrees that suppertime is the worst part of the day when you have kids.  Nothing seems to go right and everyone seems to have zero patience, myself included.  I guess it is because you are just getting home from work, you just want to sit down […]

Vicks feet

They say when your kids have a cough to put Vicks on their feet ( there is an infant one one so don’t use the regular one on your baby please) and then put socks on when they go to sleep.  I just want to confirm that it works and when I tried it on […]