Apparently grapes growl

Subscribe to Blog – Comfy Monkee by Email Everyone agrees that suppertime is the worst part of the day when you have kids.  Nothing seems to go right and everyone seems to have zero patience, myself included.  I guess it is because you are just getting home from work, you just want to sit down […]

Vicks feet

They say when your kids have a cough to put Vicks on their feet ( there is an infant one one so don’t use the regular one on your baby please) and then put socks on when they go to sleep.  I just want to confirm that it works and when I tried it on […]

a few reasons Jagger cried

Here are a few reasons Jagger collapsed to the floor because I apparently broke his heart by saying: don’t drink hair curling cream don’t lick the inside of the cap from the laundry detergent bottle don’t drink the oil for daddy’s beard trimming clipper you have to put your jacket on because it’s cold outside […]