New house update 2


Since the last update we started framing and within a week was pretty much done.

Once the house was up, insulation went in and the roof was done.  Rocks were scattered in the garage and basement before the concrete was poured .

The kids and I went to visit most evenings to go see the progress, to help clean up, Penny to dance and dress like a russian doll.

When we sold our house the buyers requested that we get the basement tested for Radon.  I had no clue what radon was and it turns out it’s awful!!! It is apparently the second leading cause of lung cancer. Every house has radon . Some have have more than others.  It is only in the basement and there is more on some days than others.  We got our test from Legault-Dubois, It’s this tiny plastic thing that you hang from the ceiling far from windows, vents, sump pumps and a bunch of other rules on a document that they give you.  The test is 3-12 months and has to be during heating months.  The test cost $50.00 and at the end you have to put in in a sealed bag and ship it priority to the states.  There is a 7 day option but apparently it is really not as accurate.  Some companies don’t do any work to fix the radon problem if it’s based on the 7 day test. It turned out ours was over the limit they suggest you could have and had to have a pump installed to suck it out of the house.  They create “suctions point” in the foundation, connect them to a pump (they put our pump in the garage) then vent it out the side of the house.  I called many places and the conclusion is that $2500.00 is the average price.

This time around we are taking as many precautions as we can.  We put a perforated radon pipe into the rocks in the basement that will eventually lead out of the roof. on top of the rocks before the concrete was poured we spray foamed the whole basement floor.

Rebar (steel rod) was installed wherever concrete was going to be poured apart from the basement.  So the front porch, stairs and garage floor.

That’s where we are for now.

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