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We moved out of our house Easter Sunday and into a 2 bedroom apartment while we build our new home. The kids are sharing a room and I’m not a fan. They are singing and jumping from one bed to another sometimes until 10 and I hear “mom Jagger …” Or “Penny did …” Approximately 27 times a night. When Penny gets up first in the morning she lets Jagger sleep (most of the time). When Jagger wakes up first he usually wakes her up so she cries because he woke her up and if he doesn’t wake her up, she cries because she woke up alone. It’s just one of those things I will never understand.

We finally got our building permit May 1st, it took about 2.5 months to get it instead of 20 days!!!!! I was the annoying lady who called or showed up on a weekly basis to make sure they didn’t forget us.  I was in complete shock when we actually got it. I was starting to think the day would never come. That’s why my face looked like this when I went to pick it up.

The ducks come and visit The ducks come and visit

We immediately started to cut down trees. I say we but it was my husband, his friend and some new and old neighbors who did the cutting. This was my attempt.

Dad found a bazillion ladybugs so they had to go and see Dad found a bazillion ladybugs so they had to go and see

The kids thought it was fun to watch from afar in the back of a pick up and yell “timber!!!!” as the trees fell.

As soon as the trees were all cut down they came to dig for the foundation of the house.

The day after the excavation was done, the foundation workers came in and did the footing.I’m not quite sure what’s going on with Penny here. I said “cheese” and that’s what she did.

They filled in with rocks and started the foundation.

That’s where we are for now. Next is framing, we will see how fast that goes since they are calling for rain for the next 2 weeks!!! My prediction is not very fast.

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