Accidental DIY pepper spray

jagger pepper spray

My kids love cooking with me and most of the time I love it too.  Sometimes it takes 5 times longer than if I did it myself or 186 but if I am in no rush I love it.  Penny has always had an interest in helping me cook but with Jagger it’s pretty recent.

We find it very hard to find things that interest him apart from playing outside and watching movies.  He plays Legos and with his action figures but that’s about it.  He doesn’t really like puzzles, he draws for about 5 minutes, same for Playdough and any arts and crafts.  One day he just pulled up a chair and said “I want to help!” I was shocked and honestly thrilled.  He helps with crêpes, he made chicken wings, baked fish and chips, egg rolls, California rolls and he often helps to cut veggies for spaghetti sauce and salads.  At first I only let them use butter knives but they barely cut.  I would see these 10 year olds on Chopped and Masterchef with real knives and I figured they have to start some time.  I started looking for knives specifically for kids and there is not much out there. I found one that came with a finger guard and was pretty awesome but $70.00 and I would have to get 2 so expensive for something that kind of scared me.  Then I saw nylon knives.  I already have one for lettuce at home so I figured that would be good for now.

He cut himself, a tiny tiny cut like a paper cut next to his nail. There were no tears and he actually didn’t even notice that he was cut. 

Last night we had pasta with salad.  We had none of my  homemade go to Italian dressing from Five roses left so we made some.  We put our funnel in a glass bottle, added spices; powdered mustard, salt, PEPPER, CAYENNE PEPPER and garlic.  The garlic blocked the funnel but I usually leave it and the oil and vinegar makes everything go down.  I turned to get the oil and vinegar and saw Jagger blow in the funnel.  He wanted to help it go down but all that happened was pepper, cayenne pepper and garlic juice flew into his eye.  I saw him put his hands over his eyes and then scream like a maniac. Poor guy, it took a good 5-10 minutes and lots of cold water but he is fine now. His eye is a little red but he is all smiles.

Lesson learned, no blowing in funnels.

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