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My name is Chantal,

I am the mother of 2 children that are 13 months apart. My son Jagger is now 4  and a handful but mostly in a good way.  He is quite the character, very funny and my mission is to find something that will keep his interest for more than 20 minutes.  So far nothing!  Penny is 5 and in kindergarten which is still something I am getting used to.  She loves learning, drawing, anything crafty and I am trying to figure out her many moods.

My other half owns a construction company,works very very hard and is slowly teaching me what he knows. So far I have helped rip down ceilings, sanded a staircase with a sander that shook my whole body to it's core, used a ceramic chipper to take all the tiles out of a bathroom and used a sawzall ( it pretty much looks like an electric turkey carver) to help take out wall studs. I am getting pretty good at paint cutting without tape, my technique is pretty down pat.  I helped with the building of our house and hopefully I learn a lot more.

I have a lot of hobbies, cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, transforming furniture, movie junkie ...

My mom bought me my first sewing machine when I was 8 and have been sewing since.

Jagger had acid reflux when he was a baby which means he always had a bib on.  I never found that they were very absorbent and I was forever changing him so my friend suggested I make bibs and so I did and that's how Boutique Comfy Monkee started. Everything I sell on my Etsy shop is made by hand and love by me.

My blog is basically about being a mom, random things that happen, recipes that I like and just anything I feel like sharing.

Thank you so much for visiting my site!


Should anyone have questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you!