When life gives you ugly limes

I love limes! I will pick anything that tastes like lemon or lime over whatever else is offered including chocolate. So every time I do groceries I buy a least a couple of limes.  Half the time I use them and the other half I end up with ugly limes.  I hate throwing food out […]

mom 1 gum 0

I went through the Tim Horton’s drive through yesterday and got myself an iced coffee and a maple glazed donut. When I got out of the car I put the gum I was chewing in the donut bag  because I forgot to put a new garbage bag in my car.  Later on I grabbed the […]

oh the fall

So everyone gives me the stink eye when I say that I’m anxious for the fall.  Well I am and I blame the weather.  All I want to do is make an apple pie but I am refraining from doing so and waiting for the real fall so I made cinnamon buns and added diced […]

nice to meet you

Hi!  My name is Chantal, I am a newish mom.  I have a 2 year old and almost 11 month old. I love making pancakes with my daughter on Saturday mornings, watching my son put anything he is eating or finds while crawling around on his head ( that’s the latest phase he is going […]